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Daughter of a school teacher and stay at home mother, Kayleigh never fell short of attention. Kayleigh and her father sang in church, parties and even had a karaoke machine at home that they would spend hours on. Kayleigh loved being the center of attention and right in the spotlight. After initially pursuing a career in music education, she decided to give that up because, as she says, "I wanted to sing music more than teach music"

Kayleigh's free spirit attitude, visions of big dreams and the love of her life led her to a move to Europe. Kayleigh listens to her heart and lives by the motto, "everything happens for a reason", so with this in mind, Kayleigh made her situation positive even when the waters were raging, and during this storm of emotions she wrote some of her best songs. Kayleigh never considered herself a songwriter, she just told her story which turned out to be the start to a whole new path in her career.

These stories Kayleigh told started to get attention from many people when she took the songs public and started playing them at parties and local venues. She gathered her best songs and with the help of a few investors and some money saved she went to the big city to record at one of the most prestigious recording studios in New York called The Cutting Room. The result was her debut album 'Miles Away', an album on the edge of pop and country with a title that was very appropriate for Kayleigh's weary heart in the time of homesickness and despair.

After the album received great reviews worldwide, Kayleigh took her positive and excited attitude on the road for the 'Miles Away' Tour. She played radio shows, club shows and festivals throughout Europe and the USA. The two highlights of the tour

were her performance in the Bluebird Café in Nashville, TN and her first USO show for the US troops in Germany.

During a tour stop in Nashville in 2012, Kayleigh took some time to write with some of Nashville's top songwriters. One of those writers was Rob Crosby. Rob penned tracks for people like Lady Antebellum, Martina McBride and many others. Rob took Kayleigh under his wing and the two set off on creating Kayleigh's second album. Kayleigh really wanted that Nashville New Country sound, so she returned to Music City later that year to start recording her second album called 'This Woman' with Rob Crosby as acting producer. It also features some of Nashville’s top talent such as country superstars Eric Paslay and Rose Falcon.

“This Woman” was released on September 12th 2013 and received outstanding reviews by the country media all over Europe and North America. She was even named one of Country Music’s Best Newcomers by American country sites; Yallw ire.com and Countrysite.com. The release was followed by 2 European tours and a spot on the main stage at the Pittsburgh 3 Rivers Arts Festival in 2014.

In early 2015 the time had come for Kayleigh to say goodbye to Europe and to make the move to Nashville, TN. During previous stops in Nashville, Kayleigh fell in love with the city and she is excited to continue her career in the heart of country music.

So, if you ever find yourself wandering on the streets of Music City, and you hear this beautiful, breathy voice coming out of a pint-sized girl with luscious brown hair, you'll know that's her, dancing on the edge of forever, under her van Gogh sky where the possibilities are always endless.

What others are saying about Kayleigh Leith

Fatea Magazine

I am excited to see what Kayleigh Leith has to offer for the future. For this woman is ready, ready to take the country and western charts by storm.
Gemma Hirst – Fatea Magazine UK – October 2013



This is an impressive release from a fine country singer. No frills, no over-produced fillers; just some fine arrangements, crisp production, excellent songs and all delivered in a strong voice by this talented artist. Lonesomehighway.com Ireland – October 2013


Country Music

This is very much a Nashville sounding album. Indeed, probably that bit better than any girl singer that I’ve heard out of Music City this year.
Stewart Fenwick – Country Music & Dance Magazine Scotland – October 2013


CountryMusic People

I’d say Kayleigh Leith is going places fast with her feisty, contemporary country sound and cool, sexy voice.
Country Music People UK – October 2013


Get ready to rock

This Woman could be the making of Kayleigh Leith, the vocals are exemplary and it’s ‘made’ for radio.
Pete Whalley – Get Ready To Rock UK – October 2013


Der Neue Tag

With every song Kayleigh sings herself deeper in the hearts of the crowd in Vohenstrauss. The applause gets louder every song.
Der Neue Tag Newspaper Germany – September 2013



Kayleigh is not comparable with anyone. She has her own unique sound, which is not only beautiful but also very welcome.
USCountrymusic.nl Netherlands – September 2013



The album, which I qualify as mature, fascinating and varied, contains ten songs that all ten can stand the test of criticism. "This Woman" opens strong with "Born Ready") in which Kayleigh showcases her exceptional class in a special way.
Muziekis.nl Netherlands – September 2013



Kayleigh’s vocals are the absolute icing on the cake for every single track. 10 modern, sometimes quite powerful songs in the hip Nashville sound. Really great!
Iris Paech – Country-mag.de Germany – September 2013


Fife Today

Kayleigh Leith on the other hand also has her second album, This Woman (Amazing), ready and comes out all guns blazing with Born Ready. Recorded in Nashville with Rob Crosby after a two year touring schedule this is hot new Country.
John Murray – Fife Today Newspaper Scotland – October 2013


Music From

Kayleigh Leith previously released 'Miles Away', that CD proved her potential. Her second CD appears after a period of extensive touring. We hear where Kayleigh’s power lies, the uptempo songs that start of this CD, Kayleigh shapes them beautifully.
Marcel Hartenberg – Music From NL Netherlands – October 2013



The concert will certainly remain in the minds of many country music fans and Kayleigh Leith won many new fans that night with her musicality and her uncomplicated attitude.
Andreas Hilgart – Countrynews.de Germany – September 2013



Country Music Newcomer creating buzz! Meet Kayleigh Leith.
Thecountrysite.com USA – September 2013



Artist Spotlight; Kayleigh Leith, one of country music best newcomers. Yallwire.com USA – September 2013


R2 Magazine UK

The resulting album is full of radio-friendly, engaging country-pop that doesn't sound out of place alongside the work of her better-known contemporaries.
Simon Hughes - R2 Magazine UK

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